In every moment, as much as possible, be in the moment.
We miss so many moments because we see them as "fillers" that build up to a bigger, more important moment. 
We make the mistake of not taking each moment individually and experiencing it fully. 
Interact with each moment and each person with a fresh perspective, 
without letting past experiences and future expectations taint your output. 
Get out of your comfort zone, find new ways of reacting to and interacting with 
every-day events and people, and see if you can find reactions and responses that work better for you, letting you feel more empowered and more aligned with the flow of life. 
Rather than thinking of things as "mundane, every-day events, things that just have to be done, and its better to just do them the way you've been doing them for ever because some things are just a means to an end, no need to put in more effort into them, they will remain boring and mundane"...
think of them as opportunities to discover more strengths within you, those which guide you to make the most of each moment, using it to discover and share your most grandest potential in every moment of every day.


 When someone keeps doing things that hurt you and then keeps asking for forgiveness, what do you do?
Hate them for taking you for granted?
Hate yourself for allowing them to keep hurting you? 
Hate yourself for pretending to forgive them, knowing that deep down you really haven't?
If that's the case, all you are doing is surrounding yourself in energies of hate, anger and frustration. 
If you really truly feel that you have tried your best and feel that you cannot forgive this person any longer...give it one more shot.

This time, do it with the understanding that this person has no power over you other than the power you give them by getting affected by their acts and words. Change your reaction to their usual antics, which are nothing more than their need for attention and power. See them as a child who is throwing a tantrum to get the attention of a parent who doesn't give the child attention when he is being good, so he is willing to be 
'bad' just to get the parent's attention. So change your reactions - ignore the tantrum, give them attention when they are being good, praise them for their positive qualities, appreciate them. Do this whole heartedly for as long as you can. 

If even this does not help, it may be wise to detach yourself from them, whether literally by physically moving away from them, or by creating a safe space between you and them so that you are not available to them on an emotional and mental level.
This is not accepting defeat, this is being kind to yourself, which is your first and foremost responsibility.


If you wish to learn and grow, it may be worthwhile to be open to an opinion that is different from your own. 
It doesn't necessarily make you wrong, if someone else's opinion makes more sense. It makes you cognizant of the fact that two opposing truths can exist in the same space. And seeing more than your own perspective helps you expand your vision, mind, and soul.
It helps you realize that answers can come to us in more ways than one. They can come through us and sometimes they can come to us.


Allow others to be who they are, exactly as they are, without judging, insulting or trying to change them. 
Remember that you have attracted the people in your life so that you can learn something important about yourself from them. 
So complaining about who they are is only an indication that you are weak and unwilling or not ready yet to learn and grow. 
Start looking for your learning every time you feel angry or frustrated by someone in your life. 
Once you have understood your learning, the person in question will stop bothering you, either by exiting from your universe or by becoming acceptable to you. 
So until the relationship either evolves or dissolves, keep looking for your learning rather than looking for faults in the other person.
____________________________________________________Its OK to not be in control and sure of everything at all times. 
Its OK to experience uncertainty and doubt. Its OK to not know. 
Because only when we go through times of ambiguity, 
we learn how to flow peacefully with the flow of life, 
to make the best of what is, to have faith and trust in God and the universe.

One of the biggest moments of freedom comes when you realize that all the appreciation and love that you need is already within you. 
When you stop looking for it on the outside, expecting it from others, demanding it, craving it; that's when it starts growing from within, stronger and more permanent than you had ever expected. That's when you become at peace within yourself.
There is no need to rely on praise, encouragement and rewards by people, communities and religions to validate what you are and what you do. 
Appreciate it if you have it, but don't become reliant and addicted to it, don't make it the reason for you to do things and be a certain way.

Sometimes we get so used to being in the dark, that when we come in contact with light, we close our eyes. 

Sometimes we get so comfortable in the tunnel that when we get close to the end, we build more tunnels. 

Its time now to be brave, embrace the light, get out of the comfort zone, let go of the fears, the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in the tunnel. 

Step out there and live your most empowered potential. 

Awareness is everything. Not just part of it. Not some aspect of it. Awareness is everything.

Look, therefore, to your awareness, not to your thoughts. Your thoughts about things can betray you -- and often do -- because they can be colored by emotions. Your awareness cannot.

Just observe what is so. Then observe what you think about what is so. 

Then ask yourself, "Why am I thinking that?" And, more important, 

"What would happen if I thought something else?" ~ Neale Donald Walsh

Do you know the difference between being sensible and being fearful? 
Sensibility reminds you to look both ways before crossing the road. 
Fear compels you to stay frozen on the side walk. 
If you feel stuck right now in your life, you are most probably functioning out of fear. 
Go ahead and cross the road. The coast is clear. The only obstacles are in your mind.

 Our lives are run by two main emotions - desires and fears. 
Desires move our focus to what we need to have in order to be complete - we are always striving to be 'more'. 
Fears force us to look at what we don't want to lose - which makes us paranoid about being 'less'. 
What we don't realize is that we already have within us everything that we need to reach our highest potential. 
And what we have within us can never be lost, no matter how much we ignore it, stifle it, or give away from it. 
And what we have within us most certainly does not need anything from the outside to be 'more'. 
All it needs is for us to focus inwards, discover it, accept it, and nurture it.

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