What is the purpose of your life? 
Is it simply to go through each day doing what needs to be done, and starting all over the next day?
Do you sometimes wonder if you're missing the point? Do you feel that maybe you're stuck in the habit of 
looking through a tunnel vision lens at yourself and your life, and missing the bigger picture? 
Do you ask yourself what the difference is between doing and being? Why are we referred to as 
Human beings and not Human doings? Maybe because our main and big purpose lies in who and what
we are being, and not what we are doing?
What are you being while you are doing everything that needs to be done?
Are you being grateful for everything that you are and becoming? 
Are you being humble and helpful and compassionate while you do things through your day?
Are you being one with the creator, believing that everything that you are doing right now is meant to be 
taking you closer to your purpose?


Leading in from last week, when we talked about finding our purpose...

It seems that most of us overestimate and glorify the idea of 'purpose'. 

We think that a 'purpose' has to be something huge and big and impressive to the world, like Mother Teresa or Albert Einstein. We keep looking for that 
larger than life purpose and waiting for it, getting more and more disappointed and frustrated, while ignoring all the other signs and hints that come from the 
universe, guiding us towards our true purpose. 

This true purpose could be something as simple as learning patience, unconditional love, gratitude, forgiveness...it could be being a really good mother, dancer, accountant. No purpose is better or bigger than the other, each has its own importance and value. The idea is for each of us to be the best that we can be to contribute to the larger picture in our own unique manner.

Life offers us an amazing opportunity in every single moment to be and experience 'the best that we can be'. 
At every instant we have a choice to act out of fear (ego) or out of love. 
As many times as possible, remind yourself to act or react in a way that exudes love and respect for yourself and the other person. Even if you can only manage to do this once out of ten times, praise yourself for being open to growth and learning new ways of doing things, so that you can have a choice, where earlier you didn't. 
Very soon, due to the immense peace that comes from being in touch with love and positivity within your self and sharing it with others, you will not need to remind yourself any longer to 
choose this state of being rather than the ego and fear based state. 


One of the paths to contentment?

At all moments remind yourself that life is falling together perfectly, even though it may seem as if some things are falling apart.
Trust in the process of the universe.  Know and believe that life is on your side.
You have made your wishes and dreams known to the universe. 
Now all you need to have is faith. Faith that all is right, right now. Faith that all your challenges bring you learnings, and are invited by yourself in order to grow. Faith that in believing this, you find your learning sooner and in an easier manner. 
Faith that noticing and being truly grateful for all the blessings in your life, will bring you more opportunities to be grateful. 


The best thing that you can do for yourself and the world, is to be kind to yourself. 

If you are feeling sad, angry, fearful, alone - you are not being kind to yourself. 

If you're feeling like a victim and blaming others or life for making you feel this way - you are not being kind to yourself. 

If you were being kind to yourself, you would not be thinking the thoughts that make you feel bad. 

Yes it is in your power to change your thoughts, to choose to see a different, more positive perspective of each person and situation, and most importantly of yourself. 

When you become aware of your thoughts, and start to choose more positive ones, you are already on your way to being kind to yourself. 

And once you learn how to treat yourself with more love and respect, it will naturally flow out to others. 

Start the journey today. 



Whenever you feel dissatisfied with your life, try looking at it from another person's perspective. 

In someone else's eyes you may be very rich, very healthy, very intelligent, very loved, very blessed. 

Make the choice of noticing, appreciating and celebrating the goodness in your life, and watch it grow exponentially. 


Everything happens in exactly the manner and time that is for your highest good. 

So instead of getting frustrated and fighting too hard to change things, first accept the situation as it is 
and bless it completely, knowing that you have attracted it into your life for a learning that is very 
important to your soul's growth. 

Next, have the faith that once your learning is complete the situation will transform naturally into a better one. 

Finally, imagine the situation transformed, and feel the feelings that you would feel once its transformed, WITHOUT worrying about how it will be done. When we think about the "hows", we are looking at the situation 
with our limited perspective and placing blocks in the path of the universe which knows the best way to resolve things for us. Just focus on the feelings that you will feel when the situation is transformed in a manner that is for your highest good. Imagine that it has happened already and take those feelings of gratitude and relief and peace and amplify them within yourself. Keep yourself anchored in these positive feelings at all times, with faith and belief that as you send out these positive energies and vibrations out into the universe, you are magnetizing the new situation towards you and it is on the way. The more consistent you are in emitting these positive vibrations, the faster the situation will transform. 

And all that time keep actively looking for your learning. Ask yourself 'How am I reacting? Is this producing the results that I want? How else could I react if I were tapping into my highest potential?' 

By changing your reaction, you are learning a new way to approach the situation, and in that lies your learning. 


Without experiencing darkness we fail to truly appreciate light. 

Without experiencing depths we fail to truly appreciate heights. 

We come into this life to learn to appreciate who we truly are. 

This is why we attract many experiences and people through our lives who make us feel exactly the opposite of who we are. 

So if you are experiencing something in your life that creates negative feelings within you - bless that experience and accept it completely, instead of fighting it. Once you have experienced this in totality, 
you will be ready to truly appreciate everything that is exactly the opposite. 

Once you truly experience who you are NOT, only then will you be able to appreciate who you truly are. You are love, you are light, you are peace. 


Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Is this a question you often ask? 

The answer is that it is YOU who attracts all the experiences in your life, on a subconscious level, 
because you know that each experience is vital for your growth and learning. If it feels like you 
constantly keep attracting similar experiences and people into your life, then it means that you are
yet to learn what you need to, and so the patterns keep recurring and sometimes becoming worse than the previous, just so that you would take notice and decide to react or interact with it differently than you did last time. 

Once the learning is complete, the pattern will disappear. Either the situation will evolve or dissolve based on what is for your highest good. 

Ask yourself 'what did I fail to notice the last time? How did I react? How else could I have reacted? How would God react in this situation?' 

Because at the end of it all, we are all here to find God right within us. We are created in the image of God. We have all the qualities of God inherently within us. 

All we need to do is to believe that, access these qualities, and act as if we are God. 

God is love, God is light, God is peace. 



Why do we think that we need to 'fight' the ego?

What you resist will persist. Instead of being afraid of it and trying to fight it, we need to realize that the ego is a permanent part of us. 

Like everything else within us, it is made of duality - the good and the bad are both part of the ego. 

So rather than focusing on the 'bad' aspect of the ego - the one that feeds on pain and suffering and creates a victim mentality within us - focus on the good side of the ego - the one that creates positive self esteem, confidence, self respect and self belief. 

If you keep fighting the ego, you will lose out on all of its good qualities too. 

The ego is like a child within you. Every child has the capacity to be good or bad. Every child only wants love and attention. If the child doesn't get love and attention by being good, then it starts being bad, because that's when we direct all our attention to the child, and even though we are upset at it, at least he/she is getting our attention, so the child continues being bad, just to get the attention.

So express love and appreciation to the child when it is being good, so that it does more things that are good, rather than resorting to be being bad to get the attention. 

Express love and appreciation to yourself when you are being good, rather than taking it for granted. 

And when you're being/feeling bad, rather than berating yourself, just observe silently and then tell yourself that there is another way of doing this, let me show you how. Make the most of your ego, rather than hating the negative aspects of it and making them stronger...hone and strengthen the positive aspects of it, by loving and appreciating yourself for everything positive that you do and are. 


Just for a few moments, tear your attention away from what's missing within you and in your life, and notice everything that you are and have. 

Whatever you are at this moment, celebrate yourself. 

Look at all your strengths and your achievements and congratulate yourself for finding them within you. 

Love and accept yourself and your life unconditionally as it is right now. 

These energies of gratitude, humility and peace will naturally magnetize everything that is lacking. 


Everything happens for the best...

We usually say this after the hardship has passed and we are able to see the positive repercussions of it. 

How about truly believing it while we are in the midst of the challenging experience? 

If there is nothing we can do to change the situation, then the best thing to do is to bless it, accept it completely and know with complete faith that it is happening for the best. Believe that there is something immensely beneficial that will come out of it. 

Sometime hardships help us to reach the threshold that is required to get us out of negative patterns once and for all - but that only happens if we respond differently and positively to them - declaring to ourselves and the universe that we are ready to access inner resources that will help us to manifest different and positive experiences. 

When we are going through a hardship, there are two aspects to it - one is the actual situation - and the second is our perspective of it. If we perceive it as bad and the worst thing that has happened to us, it makes us feel helpless and victimized, and makes the situation seem a lot worse than it actually is. 

If we see it as something that is for the best, we change our perspective of it and peace flows into us, and we start looking for things about it that can be potentially positive in the long run, thus reducing the situation to what it actually is, a learning opportunity, a chance given to us by ourselves and the universe to help us grow and evolve. 


Whatever it is that you are looking for from others, give it to yourself first from within, and then it naturally flows in from the outside too. 
If you wish to have the respect, faith, trust, love of others, start feeling it for yourself, and when you truly have unconditional love, respect,trust and faith in yourself, others will start feeling and expressing it too, because you will be sending subtle messages to your environment that 'I am loved...I am respected..I can be trusted..'. 
If you have trouble feeling these emotions for yourself, you will understand the reasons that stop others from having them as well, and this will be the answer to 'why don't I get love/trust/respect from others?'


In every moment, as much as possible, be in the moment.
We miss so many moments because we see them as "fillers" that build up to a bigger, more important moment. 
We make the mistake of not taking each moment individually and experiencing it fully. 
Interact with each moment and each person with a fresh perspective, without letting past experiences and future expectations taint your output. 
Get out of your comfort zone, find new ways of reacting to and interacting with every-day events and people, and see if you can find reactions and responses that work better for you, letting you feel more empowered and more aligned with the flow of life. 
Rather than thinking of things as "mundane, every-day events, things that just have to be done, and its better to just do them the way you've been doing them for ever because some things are just a means to an end, no need to put in more effort into them, they will remain boring and mundane"...
think of them as opportunities to discover more strengths within you, those which guide you to make the most of each moment, using it to discover and share your most grandest potential in every moment of every day.


"It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference." ~ Tom Brokaw. 

Do you agree with this idea? Is it really easier to keep doing, day after day, something you're not happy doing, just because you make money out of it? 

Who would you rather be? Someone who is enjoying making a life, or the one merely making a living? 

Who told you that the things you truly enjoy doing wont make you money? 

What made you decide to trust them rather than your own intuition?

Was it the idea of 'that's why its called WORK, its not supposed to be fun'? And did you fall for that? 

Even after seeing and envying those who actually enjoy what they do and thrive financially as well?

If they can do it, so can you. They started, they persevered, they went against the grain, at seemingly the worst of times. 

Yet they believed in and enjoyed what they did so much that they excelled in it, and when that happened, money just flowed in, easily and gracefully, as if drawn by a magnetic force. 

When we are happy with our work, which takes up the majority of our day, then we are emitting vibrations of being in harmony with our environment and feeling fulfilled, and this frequency attracts more experiences that are full of harmony and fulfillment. Needless to say, money follows not far behind. 

So move toward your passion. Express through your daily work and your daily activities what it is that lights up your soul.


You are not your 'story.' Who You Are is so much bigger than that. It's okay to give up your past now.

Most of us have a story about how we got to be the way we are, about what it's like to be 'us,' and about why it is so difficult sometimes to get through life. 

We knowingly and/or unknowingly use this as an excuse to not be the best we can be, allowing the shackles of our story to hold us back. 
All of this stuff has nothing to do with who we are now.

How often does your 'story' influence you when you experience life? 
Are you ready to let go of that now?
What if you could create 'you' the way you want to be, and are ready to be, deserve to be; regardless of your past?

Wouldn't that be great? Well, you can. 

All you have to do is let go of your story.


Ask yourself: Are my desires actually complaints about what is in my experience right now?

Are you desiring money because you are unhappy with how much you have? Do you say I don't want to be broke any more?

Are you desiring health because you are unhappy with an illness? Do you say I don't want to be sick anymore?

If that's the case, then shift right away to gratitude for all the money that you do have and for everything that is working well in your body. Become completely at peace with what is, and desire in positive terms. Say Im thankful for being healthy I want to enjoy complete health on all levels. Im grateful for all the money I have and I want to enjoy constant abundance of good things in my life. 

If you constantly express your desires out of completeness rather than lack, then everything in your life starts to reflect that completeness. 


How about using the past to inspire the future, rather than to discourage it?

Just because you have made mistakes in the past, just because things have not worked out as well as you wanted them to...there is no reason for wasting the immense power of now filled with guilt, regret, fear and disappointment. Be grateful for what the past has taught you, become aware of how you responded to situations and created less than positive results, and resolve to respond differently from now on. Everything that you have experienced is meant to help with your growth. Allow yourself to recognize the resources you have gathered through your past experiences..these are the tools to craft a more fulfilling today and tomorrow. 


The biggest and most profound peace comes when we take complete responsibility for everything that we experience in our universe. 

Whatever it is that you are going through at this moment, understand that you have invited this into your life as a catalyst for your own personal growth. 

Even if it is something that you are not enjoying, send the situation a lot of love and light and tell yourself that a part of me needs to see me experience this for my own good, so rather than being unhappy, let me accept it whole-heartedly and see what I can learn  through this. 

Its like when we give medicine to a child for his own good, but the child is feeling sick and cranky and hates the taste of the medicine and doesn't understand that it will help him feel better and so he throws a tantrum and doesn't want to have it. But with a lot of love and patience we make sure that the child has the medicine, because we know that anger and frustration will only make the child throw a bigger tantrum. 

Similarly the part of you that needs to experience the hardship - imagine it as a child within you who is unwell and needs a lot of love and light, and the medicine is the learning that comes through the experience - and so you will patiently ensure that the medicine is received so that the child can heal. 

Take responsibility for the child within you and shower a lot of love and patience until the learning is received, the child is healed and the situation is transformed to peace. The sooner you accept the situation for what it is, and the sooner you start looking for the learning, the sooner it will resolve into peace. 

So start manifesting peace today. 


Our relationships are like assignments that we create for ourselves, in which people are brought together for mutual growth opportunity. These relationships can be trips to heaven or hell, depending on how we choose to interact with the other person. 

If you are in a relationship with a person who is very different from you, rather than creating a battle ground of judgement and resentment, attempt to find out what are you meant to learn from the other person so that you can be balanced within yourself. People who are very different from us are usually our biggest teachers - if we allow them to be. By putting aside our limiting opinions and opening ourselves to acceptance and unconditional love, we open ourselves to a whole new perspective that gives us a bigger picture of the world around us. 

If you are in a relationship with a person who is very similar to you, rather than creating boredom and stagnation, learn to appreciate the immense peace that similarity and shared values bring, and give each other a chance to experience new things together that will help you both play and grow together. 

Let's aim to transform our relationships from battle grounds to learning grounds and play grounds. 


Whenever you feel bad about something that someone has done to you, rather than blaming that person and thinking of them as being a bad person, remember that people are here just to show you a mirror,reflecting the part within you that wants to feel a certain way. You may think: why would l want to feel worthless or have someone nag at me?? Well, if you take a deep breath and think about it, you will realize that you have a habit of putting yourself down and nagging at yourself, even if you don't say it aloud, you are sending out energy and vibrations that say "I'm unworthy of love, appreciation and respect...I need to be nagged on do things...I'm not good enough".

Everyone else is just responding to these vibrations and helping you become aware of your own relationship with yourself, so that you can see this and start to change your feelings about yourself. Everyone is here to help us to recognize our own deeper beliefs about ourselves, so think of it as a favor that they do for you so that you can see what needs to be fixed within you and become more whole and complete within yourself. Once your relationship with yourself improves, it will transform all other relationships in your life. 


No one does anything they do not want to do.
You always have a reason - and usually, a pretty good one - for doing what you are doing and choosing what you are choosing.
Be careful not to convince yourself that you are doing something against your will. Such a thing is impossible.
Therefore, be honest with yourself about why you are choosing to do a particular thing. Then, do it gladly,
knowing that you are always getting to do what you want. The statement "I have no choice" is a lie. You can choose. You simply do not prefer the alternatives available to you, for whatever reason.

So you select the outcome that you most prefer. 

Isn't that power?


"Why do bad things happen to good people?" 

We've all heard or said this at one time or another. 

There are a few things this phrase can teach us. 

Firstly, we need to learn to stop labeling things and people. 

Not everything that seems bad to us at that moment is actually bad when we see the bigger picture. 

Everything does happen for the best, whether we attract it to help us learn an important lesson, or to balance out karmic energies of the universe. 

Secondly, there is no person who is all good or all bad, we are all made of duality, within us there is always good bad, right wrong, love hate etc.

So if you are a person who mostly operates out of the goodness in you, it doesn't mean that you wont encounter hardships once in a while. 

The test at that moment is to see how you react to the hardships, do you still function out of love, gratitude and acceptance, or do you become angry, frustrated and stressed? How aware are you of your reactions in difficult moments and how quickly are you able to revert back to love and light? 

The more you operate out of love and light, the easier it will be for you gather your learnings and balance out karmic energies 
with grace and comfort. Thus making the 'bad' things seem less bad, less often and shorter in duration; and making you more of a 'good' person - one who consciously chooses to react out of love and light, even though anger and hate are easier to succumb to in that moment. 


Love is sometimes shown in the things you DON'T point out, DON'T keep track of, and DON'T make a person feel bad about. 
The greatest kindness is often shown in letting things go. None of us are perfect, but we can all be close-to-perfect by allowing 
those that we love to be imperfect, be themselves, be UNlike ourselves, without making them feel guilty or uncomfortable about it. 

Give those around you the break that you hope they will give you on your own "bad day" or lapse of judgement. 
This attitude will take you away from the intention of 'let's see who's right, stronger, more in control right now' to
'let's make this relationship the best it can be' - which is very different than trying to make it the 'best as compared to other relationships around us', because each relationship is extremely different, and to expect yours to be a certain way, or give you certain things is to instantly put it unreasonable demands on it. 
Treat each relationship that's important to you as a unique being, and make a commitment to work together to make the
relationship the best it can be, without competing with the other person about who is the 'best' amongst you both.


"The quality of one's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence."~ Vince Lombardi 

Are you committed to excellence in everything you think, and say, and do? 

Yes, it is about thoughts and words too, not just about actions. 

Do your thoughts and words reflect your unceasing desire to be the best that you can be in every single situation you encounter? How about your actions? Do you strive to be your best out of love and pride for yourself, so it is refleted as self motivation, quiet confidence, and strength of character? Or do try to be your best due to fear of not being good enough, or out of the need to get something out of it, like admiration, acceptance, a promotion, the upper hand? 

Think about it...start watching yourself...work on your commitment to excellence, and work on making it come out of love rather than fear. You will feel the difference right away, as your energies move from fear to love, being your best will become fun, fulfilling and a way of life.


How do you feel when you think about your job or your profession? 
If you feel content, excited and fulfilled; then chances are that you are following the vocational path that your soul has chosen for you. When this happens, all you need is to do what you do in the best possible manner, just with the intention of enjoying yourself, without being attached to the outcome; and you get appreciated and rewarded for it naturally. 

If you feel tense, unhappy and stuck when you think about your job or profession; then it is time to allow yourself to experience what your soul desires for you to do and be. Don't pretend you don't know what it is that you are meant to be doing. You can feel it in your gut whenever you think about it or see another person doing it. 

You don't have to quit your day job to pursue your passion, just start indulging in it in your spare time, and the rest will just take care of itself. This will not only help you to be more connected with your chosen vocational path, but it will also make you happier in your day job, as you will feel less stuck and stifled. 
Go ahead - It is now time to make time for the vocation that fulfills your soul.


What's the difference between love and 'in love'?
In love is temporary, love is eternal. 

In love brings about expectations and conditions, love is above all expectations and is unconditional. 

In love creates judgement and grudges, love creates acceptance and forgiveness. 

In love requires physical and verbal expression and validation, love is peaceful and strong even in silence and absence. 

In love is limited to one person and one role, love is all encompassing. 

In love is a product of the ego, love is the very essence of the Universe and the Creator. 

We come into this life to get in touch with this essence and facet of the Creator that we have within us. 

Relationships are meant to help us get in touch with and rediscover this attribute within us - to love unconditionally - 
ourselves and others. Those who succeed in teaching us this are our earthly masters and guides. 

Sometimes this discovery comes through a lot of  pain, but in that moment if we bless the souls who have taught us the ability to love unconditionally and beyond time and space, we are able to discover an amazing peace. 


Our lives are run by two main emotions - desires and fears. 
Desires move our focus to what we need to have in order to be complete - we are always striving to be 'more'. 
Fears force us to look at what we don't want to lose - which makes us paranoid about being 'less'. 
What we don't realize is that we already have within us everything that we need to reach our highest potential. 
And what we have within us can never be lost, no matter how much we ignore it, stifle it, or give away from it. 
And what we have within us most certainly does not need anything from the outside to be 'more'. 
All it needs is for us to focus inwards, discover it, accept it, and nurture it.


If you're feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, work, relationship, personal evolution; the first step is to stop feeling like a victim, as if you have no choice. 

You are in the situation because at some level of your being, you chose it to be this way.

We invite each and every experience and relationship into our lives as it provides us with a great learning opportunity. 

If we have not learnt what we are supposed to, that's when pain is created, the internal fight comes up, a part of us telling us that there is more to do so we need to move forward, and another part telling us that our learning from this experience is not complete yet so we need to stay in it. That's why it seems like there is something more powerful than us stopping us from moving out of it. This something more powerful is our intuition
telling us that its best to learn from this current experience rather than inviting another more difficult one to replace it, 
because if we don't learn from one, then we create repetitive and frustrating patterns in our life, all designed to bring the same learning. 

So bless the situation or relationship that you are in, understand that its a growth opportunity, feel more empowered about it, rather than like a victim, and start actively looking for your learning.
Once you learn what you need to, either the situation will evolve or dissolve,but no matter what the outcome is, it will happen with ease and grace. 


One of the laws of the universe: Whatever is meant to be good for us, will come to us easily and effortlessly. 

Whatever is not, will take an amazing amount of effort and will bring with it lots of struggle and hurdles. 

We have been falsely conditioned to believe that life is full of struggles, no pain no gain, that thrill and satisfaction come only after a certain amount of struggle has been experienced. 

These beliefs just feed the ego, and helps us to justify our stubbornness and lack of vision and trust in the universe. 

So look at your life and find the areas that you are struggling in and making super human efforts towards. 

Thank the universe for lovingly, patiently and unceasingly sending you all of these hurdles as signs and messages, telling you that this is not for your highest and best...and let it go. 

Let it go with the complete faith and belief that whatever is for your highest and best will flow to you easily and naturally.


The concept of being grounded brings about very different emotions in people. 

For some being grounded is being stable, sensible and secure. 

For others its literally being 'grounded' like when we tell our kids they're grounded for bad behavior, and this brings about a feeling of being stuck and punished. 

This is why a lot of us are afraid to ground ourselves, because we feel that we will lose our independence and freedom. 

Let's compare ourselves to a tree : when a tree allows its roots to go deep into the earth, the nourishment comes to it easily and naturally. It is fed by the earth, it grows stronger, 

it's filled with abundance, and it can easily fulfill its purpose of sharing this abundance of fruits, shade and shelter with everyone around. And it is the healthy tree that can be moved from one spot to another and continue with its purpose, so it has no fear of being stuck or captive. 

On the other hand if the tree refuses to ground itself, fearful of losing its freedom, then it becomes weak, it's not fulfilling its purpose, and no wants to take it to another spot as it wont serve any purpose. 

So, don't be afraid of grounding yourself into your lives, relationships and work. Whatever your reality is right now, accept it completely, bless it by owning it and being it one with it. You have obviously allowed this reality into your life for a purpose, you may not know what it is right now, but if you allow it to, it will bring you alot of growth and enlightenment and will take you closer to your purpose, which is always to learn/ remember something important about yourself. 

And we are entirely capable of grounding, detaching and then re-grounding ourselves, so there is no need to be afraid of getting stuck and employing the self defense mechanism of being an escapist. 

Being grounded can bring about a lot of peace and an amazing sense of belonging. Try it!


What is prayer? In most cases, our prayers are usually divided into 2 parts, first comes the physical act of religious prayer, 
and second comes the dialogue we have in which we primarily ask for things. 
The first part is one in which we attempt to connect with the Divine by saying verses and doing bodily movements. 
Sometimes we add another layer to this by ensuring that we do this in specific places like mosques, churches and temples, 
or even in very particular places in our homes. It seems as if this is the key or the password that will connect us 
to the Source or get us the Source's attention. 
The second part is mostly to ask for things once we have the attention. 

Now, in these times of increased awareness and evolution, the debates that arise are centered around Oneness and Separation:
1- Do we realize that we are created by the Divine, in the image of the Divine, reflecting different facets of the Divine, so there is Divinity within us by default and we are always inextricably connected with our Source at all times? Vs do we believe that our connection with the Divine is reliant on keys and passwords and gestures?

2- Do we realize that the Divine does not need our prayers to be validated as the Divine? And that it is actually us who need the act of prayer to be reminded of our connection to the Divine, and we gain peace from the experience of feeling connected? Vs do we believe that the Divine is a source of judgement that thinks we are bad if we don't pray, or feels less sure if its own Divinity if it is not prayed to?

3- When we pray FOR something, in that moment do we realize that we asking a Divine part of ourselves to manifest that thing (thoughts create reality theory). In essence we are giving ourselves the permission to be capable and worthy enough to manifest what we want. When we ask for forgiveness, do we realize that if we forgive ourselves we will be liberated? When we ask for abundance do we realize that it is our sense of unworthiness that keeps us from it? When we ask for love or healing do we realize that we are giving ourselves permission to love and heal ourselves? Vs do we pray for things because we feel the Divine actually needs us to spell out what we need? Do we pray for things because it gives us a chance to stop taking responsibility for things that we have attracted into our lives and we need a bigger power to help us change our choices? 

4- Do we understand that the biggest prayer is Gratitude for all that is? Accepting all that we have manifested into our reality, exactly the way it is, as it is there to help us to grow and learn. Do we realize that all of our scriptures tell us that the more grateful we are the more we receive to be grateful for? VS Do we believe that prayer is only meant to be for asking for things that are missing or lacking in our lives, hence sending out huge emotionally charged vibrations of lack, and manifesting more lack. 


Have you noticed how anger makes us tremble with rage so easily, and worry paralyses us and fills us with fear so effortlessly? And yet it takes an immense amount of love, gratitude and peace to fill our hearts and move us to tears. Is it because we take the good things in life for granted and we need constant reminders to be grateful and compassionate for even a few moments? Yet it takes the smallest incidents or thoughts to propel us and entrench us into negativity for long periods of time. 

Scientifically speaking, negative energies are heavier and denser, and so it takes a very small amount of these to be noticeable and palpable to us. Our ego is that denser part of us that picks up these energies and amplifies them. Positive energies are lighter and less dense, which is why it takes a longer time and more consistency for these to become palpable. Our lighter body or higher self responds to these and amplifies them. All energy is creative, since everything is made of energy. So whatever energy we produce more of and respond more to, creates our experiences. If we want to create more positive experiences, we need to make a consistent effort to create and respond to the lighter energies of love, compassion, peace and gratitude. Consistency is a great law of the universe. If we endeavor to be consistent with our positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we will receive the universe's support in attracting positive experiences. 

Of course we are made of duality, so we will have negative thoughts and feelings too. The idea is to become aware of our thoughts and consistently move away from the negative/heavier ones as quickly as possible, by finding something/someone in our life to be thankful for or compassionate towards. As we keep doing this, we train ourselves to naturally become more positive people who experience more joy/light in their universe with every passing day. 


'Love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves. We simply awaken it. 

But in order to do that, we need the other person.' - Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho. 

If we understand the above, we will become more at peace with our relationships. We need the other person to bring out the awareness within us that through our relationships, we are all here to find Love or God within us. Some people will bring out this awareness by being loving in the way that we want to be loved, which is usually 'unconditionally', and hence we will experience within us the belief that we are worthy of being loved, and we will also learn to love that person back in the same manner. 

Other people will bring out the 'Love awareness' within us by not loving us the way we want to be loved, and hence we will, through our disappointments and frustrations, eventually discover that we don't need others to make us feel worthy of love, and we are completely capable of finding it within us. Once we come face to face with this awareness; either we will know that we are capable of loving this person the way they want to be loved, whether they love us in the same way or not, and they will start to respond to this new 'worthy of being loved' belief within us and start loving us differently. Or, we will let this person go and invite a person into our lives who loves us the way we want to be loved. Finding love within us gives us the courage to follow either of these paths, with ease and grace. 

The secret lies in the present - if you pay attention to the present, you will be able to improve it. 

And if you improve the present, whatever happens afterwards will be better too. 


Each day brings us Eternity. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Rather than being distracted by the past (blame, regret, anger), or by the future (worry, fear, anxiety) - bring your awareness into the present moment. Express gratitude for all that is fine right now, for the opportunity that this moment brings you to be more and better than you have been, by choosing to experience the now and respond differently than you have in the past. 

Make every moment an opportunity to learn, to grow, to inspire, to love, to be. 
Harness the power of now to be the best that you can be. 


The cup of suffering is not the same size for everyone - Paulo Coelho - The Manual of the Warrior of Light. 

No matter how tempted you are, avoid judging other people for how they respond to what they perceive as pain. 

Avoid comparing yours and others' ability to handle pain and how we respond to it. 

Everyone needs different quantities and types of suffering to reach that level of threshold where the cup overflows and they are compelled to do something to end the pain. It is when that compulsion strikes that they become empowered rather than victims and decide to do something about it. It is that moment which is transformative and important, not how big or small their cup is. Support those who become empowered and help them to create new realities for themselves. Of course not everyone even needs a cup, some are empowered without it too...so whatever category you or your loved ones fall into, remember to avoid judgement...practice patience and support the journey with love and light. 

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