Najib Makhdoom, 39 yrs male, Director Business Development
All my life I believed that there was more to this existence than met the eye. That all was not as black and white as science would have led me to believe. That there were things beyond measurement, beyond observation and beyond scientific belief that were nevertheless real. I searched for tangible evidence of this for many years and all I came across were anecdotes and circus fortune tellers... until I met Zimmy.

Not only has she helped me find many answers but through unexpected physical and emotional healing proved that there is more to life than the limits that science and our own perceptions and emotions seek to impress upon us. 

Thank you Zimmy for helping me reach a higher level of consciousness, for helping me find a greater sense of peace and of course, for helping me live a pain free life :)

Gaurav Rai Bahl, 30 yrs male, Director Sales & Marketing
6 months ago I found myself in a very bad space being diagnosed as clinically depressed and heading for self destruction. Anti depressants / alcohol were not doing a great deal, and I found just functioning very hard going. Friends, family & myself had no clue as to what was causing all the irritability, anxiety & panic attacks. It felt like I was surrounded by darkness & there was no ray of light in the distance.

It was then, when I came across Dr. Zimmy Khan, a clinical hypnotherapist in Dubai, UAE, at a workshop / seminar. At first, I found it next to impossible to believe anything that ‘hypnotherapy & energy healing’ had to offer. But then I thought, what have I got to lose?

My very first session, changed my life around. It almost felt miraculous. All the discomfort, anxiety, negativity & depression started to fade away. I did not touch anti depressant pills ever again. Over the next sessions I began to feel normal, life confident, positive, overjoyed, optimistic & full of energy. Life got back on track. Family, friends & work colleagues often tell me about changes they see in me now. I now come across as a much calmer & balanced person than what I was before. I am able to control my emotions instead of them controlling me. I sleep better at night and feel blessed & abundant upon waking up. I am now able to focus on my goals & don’t get distracted by surrounding negativity.

Hypnotherapy & Theta Healing have opened my awareness to my personal power to control my life. I have not felt this relaxed in a long time. Zimmy made me aware of what my mind was capable of achieving. Every time I see Zimmy, my life changes in so many ways. I am thankful to Zimmy for helping me with my issues, she has brought me from complete utter emotional, physical, and even spiritual pain to enlightenment. Through hypnosis she has helped me enhance my life and make valuable changes. She is a gifted hypnotherapist & Theta healer and I would recommend her to everyone.

Thank you Zimmy for everything!

 MK, 27yrs female, VP in Private Co
My experience is not just about the ‘Epiphany’ that it is possible to achieve everything you desire in life, but also about ‘Empowerment’. I now know how to deal with the obstacles that appear in life, and also understand where they come from.

Zimmy’s sessions have enabled me to answer the biggest questions I had about where my life was heading, and also given me the tools and ability to tackle fears and doubts, should they arise in the future.

I approached Zimmy to work on several aspects of my life – to regain confidence in my personal relationships, to improve my intuition and to become a less competitive, more fulfilled person.

Over the course of several different types of holistic treatments, primarily hypnosis, we worked together to understand the deep roots of my concerns, and also resolved them through positive reinforcements and building a stronger mind.

We also worked on several specific issues that were not present in the beginning, and the results speak for themselves.

Anxiety: As a new driver on the roads, I was easily intimidated by the intense Dubai traffic. I also had 2 accidents within a short space of time and I was physically ill from the stress of these incidents. Zimmy’s energy cleansing helped me to calm my nerves considerably and regain my confidence on the road.

8K Race: I decided to participate in a long distance run for the first time in my life. I had been on a fitness kick for sometime, and I wanted to challenge myself even further. This race was my chance to test just how far I could push myself physically. Through hypnosis and relaxation exercises I was assigned to work on at home, Zimmy taught me how to take control of the mental aspect of the challenge. I came 7th in the race and beat all my previous times, which was a remarkable result!

Digestion: I had been suffering from severe constipation and went to try a colonic cleansing to naturally treat the condition. In between my colon cleansing sessions I revisited Zimmy for some sessions and there was a remarkable shift in my digestive system which also showed up during the colon cleansing treatments. As a more relaxed and happier person, the colon therapist noted that this had a direct impact on the proper functioning of my digestive system.

I can look to Zimmy not just for motivation and guidance, but for honest advice and long-lasting results. I feel that especially in Dubai, but also in the larger world of alternative medicine, it is extremely difficult to find therapists who you can trust and who will also set you off in the right direction, in order to achieve your highest potential.

In Zimmy I have found both. Truly this is something to be grateful for. Thank you Z!

Vimi Joshi, 40yrs, female, Senior Artist - MAC ME and India.
My sessions with Zimmy were life changing. 
After spending years and lots of money on different healing methods, a few sessions with Zimmy were miraculous. 
She is a true genius with incredible healing powers that are personally tailored to help you become the best of who you really are.

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