Ketaki, 31 yrs female, Media.
Zimmy has a gift. She is a gentle, unassuming, non judgemental healer who is a friend, philosopher and guide. What I love about her sessions is the holistic approach...not only does she help you by tackling your energy blocks, she also backs that up with practical advice.   Just two sessions with her and I felt so energised and positive. This is better than red bull! The stress of modern life tends to hack away at your energy reserves; you accumulate so much stuff that weighs you down and stops you from being the best you can be -- professionally and personally. I plan to go for Zimmy's energy therapy sessions every now and then.    

Rabia, 41 yrs female, mother.  
I first went to see Zimmy when I felt as though my life seemed to be stalled. Career-wise I was not going anywhere. I knew I wanted to make changes in my life but something was holding me back. After an initial consultation, we decided on scheduling 4 sessions to work on my issues. By the second session, I had begun to find myself again.
I found Zimmy to be extremely patient and sympathetic. She guided me towards discovering blocked emotions and helped me see the root causes of some of my current destructive behavior.   I now know which habits and emotional baggage to shed and which qualities in myself to embrace and celebrate.  I know that I will make all future decisions with these things in mind and I will never trap myself into unhappiness again.
I recommend Zimmy’s method of self-exploration and self-healing to anyone who has lost themselves somewhere along this path called Life.

Anonymous, 27 yrs female, House wife.

I came to Zimmy with concerns about my strained relationship with my husband. Through the course of the first two sessions, I discovered that the pain I experienced in my back and on either foot from time to time was purely a mental blockage and required healing. I also managed to undergo an enegry exchange exercise and realised that I had to cut off all ties with my ex-boyfriend in order to move on and be happy.

Moreover, I underwent an exercise with Zimmy whereby I am able to have greater control over my temper, and have seen a significant change in my ability to control and rationalise with the child in me. Through the last session, I underwent regression and got in touch with my Higher Self/Guide. This enabled me to seek answers to questions that were long pending, regarding my career, health and relationship with my husband.

Thank you once again Zimmy!

Amit, 32 yrs male, Marketing.
The debate has been on for centuries whether the soul exists or it dosent. Spiritualists believe it does, some scientists believe it does, how ever atheists & other scientists believe it doesent. Unfortunatley I fell in the atheist segment. However being an atheist didnt hamper my openess to experience something new. And thats what happened during my sessions with Zimmy.

A patient ear, is worth a million words of advice, and zimmy has 2 such patient ears. Listening and understanding my issues, problems, apprehensions, fears and cynysicim. And to top of it all not being judgemental, I think this is what made me even more open to trying what zimmy was suggesting.

Our sessions were very calming, my being felt at rest in presence of zimmy's peaceful voice. The calming effect let me explore depths of my mind. Areas which were previously unexplored. In 5 sessoins zimmy managed to close on some very crucial issues in my character. I experienced things which I thought I never could. I experienced a past life, i saw images of some dear ones and some unknowns float through my space, i saw my fallacies stare at me and then being replaced by light. They say the soul is like a light within you. I cant claim it was my soul, as i still dont know if a soul exists. But today I can not deny its exisence either.

Swati, 28 yrs female, Communications & Media.
Hypnosis and regression, two words I believed in but was skeptical about, only until I walked in through Zimmy Khan's door.
The presence of a soul is something we blindly believe in, but my blind faith actually took a form under Zimmy's guidance. She once said, 'It reaches out to you but only when you’re ready' and I’m grateful for her calming presence in my life at that point. She not only helped me identify my inner demons, but also helped reach out to a higher self. Through her sessions I came a step closer to understanding my biggest shortcoming in this life and maybe many in the past.

It took a while for me to accept, whether what I was experiencing lying on her couch was actually for real, but Zimmy's appeasing and patient steer helped manage my hysteria. She would put my body and mind at such ease that my deepest darkest insecurities, would find a way out between us. She’d know things that I’ve never mentioned and would always relieve me by sharing a similar experience from her life. Bigger then that, was her capability to reach out with an assuring touch when I felt unsteady the most - traveling through, what I believe was worlds between.   Thank you Zimmy for helping me find inner peace.  

Rima, 25 yrs female, Communications. 
 When i first started seeing Zimmy i had very low confidence in myself and which made me lack in nearly all areas of my life and would lead to periods of depression and self pity. l had a few sessions with Zimmy and found myself improving  with each one. She dealt with my issues one by one and with time i felt weight lift of my shoulders and realised i was seeing things through a different light without even trying. Its actually hard to explain the feeling but it was as if all the negative and bad energies were eliminated and l was dealing with my thoughts through a much clearer light.
Zimmy taught me about the power of thoughts how it effects emotions,energy and the physical body it all made sense when l put it to practice. With this i realised how strong and powerful the power i had in myself was to make or change what ever i wanted and needed to.The sessions were truly an amazing experience they took me through many feelings i consciously and sub consciously knew i needed to deal with, small or big. I even stopped smoking after the first few sessions which i found bizarre because i had been trying to kick the habit for a while but failed to do so.
Overall it was a very peaceful experience it was forfiling from within and l learnt without inner peace there isn't peace .
Thank you Zimmy xx
7/10/2012 05:32:37 am

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